United States allocated 9.6 billion dollars for Unmanned Vehicles in 2019 Budget

9.6 Billion Dollar Budget for Unmanned vehicles

US Department of Defense FY2019 Budget is signed by President Trump at a ceremony held on August 13. The amount allocated for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in the budget drew attention which is 9.6 billion dollars.

This amount seems to be a 28% increase compared to the previous year’s budget. The amount allocated for unmanned vehicles is 1.4% of the entire budget. Navy, Army and Air Force seem to be demanding budget raise for unmanned vehicles.

When looking at the details of the budget, the most significant increase compared to last year, is for funding of unmanned vehicles for Navy. Compared to last year, Navy’s budget being increased approximately one billion dollars seems to be an important data. But it is obvious that the largest amount is allocated to Air Force, which is 7 billion dollars.

The detailed report focusing on the budget allocated for Unmanned Vehicles is prepared by The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) and can be found at this link. We would like to remind that, it is necessary to have an un-paid account which only requires an email address in order to download this report. Also please be informed that this particular report is highly recommended to be reviewed considering the detailed information and important graphics it includes.

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