Turkey and Ukraine committed negotiations about Antonov AN-188 Aircraft

Turkish and Ukrainian Authorities declared, both sides are willing to participate this Project, althouh it has a complex structure. Short Take-off and Landing (STOL) version of this aircraft was introduced in Eurasia Show 2018 Aviation and Aerospace Fair on 25-28 April 2018.

SSB (Turkish Presidency of Defence Industries), TAI  (Turkish Aerospace Industries), Antonov and Ukrainian Ukroboronprom firms are declared to be programme partners for this Project. A Turkish team will be visiting Kiev, Ukraine in order to examine Production Lines as the next phase of the Project.

Turkish authorities also stated that all production activities and final product of this Project will comply NATO standards. Negotiations focuse on inter-operability between industrial brunches, technology transfer, licences and exportation permits lately.

New AN-188 aircrafts will have several operational capabilities such as landing on short strips like 600-800m. Aircraft is supposed to be reaching 800 km/hr speed depending on the engine type,  and operating within 12.100 m altitude and 7.700 km range.

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